Manuscript for an Individually Authored Book
  1. The Optimum Aesthetic, Theories for a Total Architecture in Postwar Czech Discourse. Status: manuscript in revision.
Refereed Book Chapters
  1. “Play in the Time of Normalization,” in Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence, ed. Ines Weizman (Routledge, forthcoming in Winter 2013/2014).
  2. “The Allegory of the Socialist Lifestyle: The Czechoslovak Pavilion at the Brussels Expo, its Gold Medal and the Politburo,” Atomic Dwelling, ed. Robin Schuldenfrei (Routledge, March 2012).
Invited Book Chapters and Essays
  1. “An Old Glossary for the New Metallurgists,” Post-Ductility: Metals in Architecture and Engineering, ed. Michael Bell and Craig Buckley (Princeton Architectural Press, June 2012).
  2. “The Logic of the Critical and the Dangers of ‘Recuperation’, or, Whatever Happened to the Critical Promise of Tschumi’s Advertisements for Architecture?” Critical Tools (La Lettre Volee, March 2012).
  3. “Project B – Architecture and Consumption,” The Handbook of Architectural Theory, eds. Hilde Heynen, Stephen Ciarns and David Crysler (Sage Publishers, 2012).
  4. “Project_,” Young Architects 10: Resonance (Princeton Architectural Press, 2009).
  5. “The Practice of Utopia, The Story of SIAL in an Image and a Letter,” SIAL Architects, ed. Miroslav Masak (Prague, November 2008).
  6. “Classes, Masses, Crowds. Representing the Collective Body and the Myth of Direct Knowledge,” Making Things Public exhibition Catalogue, eds. Bruno Latour and Peter Wiebel, (MIT Press, 2005).
Refereed Articles
  1. “Critical Appropriation: Discursive Networks of Architectural Ideas,” co-authored with Amanda Reeser Lawrence, Ila Burman and Edward Mitchel (eds.), New Constellations/New Ecologies, Proceedings of the 101st Annual Meeting of the ACSA, March 2013.
  2. “From Model to Mashup, A pedagogical experiment in thinking historically about the future,” JAE 64: Beyond Precedent, March 2011.
  3. “Ultraviolet Landscapes,” accepted for Positions Issue 3: Architecture in Mind.
  4. “Three Episodes in The Transformation of Eastern European Urbanism,” Centropa, New York, NY, May 2003.
Non-Refereed Articles
  1. “Hilarity: Why I love J. MAYER H.’s work even and especially when it makes me uncomfortable,” J. MAYER H. Monograph, (forthcoming in 2013).
  2. “Promiscuity as a Project? – ‘MOS Definitely!” Thresholds 37: SEX, Spring 2010.
  3. “No Choice, But to Practice Utopia. The Story of SIAL as told through two archival objects: an Image and a Letter,” Serbian Architectural Journal, University of Belgrade, 2010.
  4. “Hardworking Boundaries: Three projects by Touraine Richmond Architects,” Praxis 9: Expanding Surface, 2007.
  5. “Some Crackpot Realism, Please!,” Log 5, New York, May 2005.
  6. ”The Return of the Masses,” 32: Beijing / New York, Issue 3, March 2004.
  7. “Anti-Lobotomy: The Visible Evidence of Resistance in 1990s Belgrade,” Perspecta 34: Temporary Architecture, The Yale Architectural Journal, May 2003.
  8. “Closely Watched Films, On the Transformations of Eastern European Urbanism,” Blok: International Yearbook on Stalinist and Post-Stalinist Culture, Bydgoszcz, Poland, December 2002.
Editorial Work
  1. Terms of Appropriation edited book (status: in progress). Editor with Amanda Reeser Lawrence
  2. Praxis: On Narrative (status: in progress), Guest editor
  3. Uncertain Futures, Two Years of Student Research at the MIT Department of Architecture, SA+P Press. Editor in chief (Winter 2008-Fall 2009)
  4. “2 Architects, 10 Questions on Program: Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi,” Praxis 8: Re:Programming. Project editor (with Amanda Reeser Lawrence and Ashley Schafer)
  5. “The Praxis Questionnaire for Architectural Curators,” Praxis 7: Exhibiting Architecture. Project editor
  6. “Conversations with Hal Foster,” and “IDEO: How to Design an Environment?” in Praxis 5: Architecture After Capitalism. Project editor