Refereed Conference Papers
  1. “Techniques of Appropriation,” Superpanel at The 101st meeting of the ACSA, March 2013.
  2. “Playing in The Time of Normalization. SIAL Skolka’s conditions of architectural practice as a site of resistance,” AHRA 2012: Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence, London, October 2012.
  3. “The Allegory of the Socialist Lifestyle” for Anxious Dwelling / Postwar Spaces panel at The Association of Art Historians annual conference, Glasgow, April 2010.
  4. “Functionalism Expanded. Origins of Czech Environmentalism in Karel Honzik’s Theorization of Architecture’s Emotional Function,” Society of Architectural Historians annual conference, Vancouver, April 2005.
  5. “The Second World. The signifiers of history’s burdens and utopias since 1989,” for Art, History and Memory in post-war Eastern and Central Europe panel at The Association of Art Historians annual conference, Nottingham, April 2004.
  6. “The Logic of The Critical and The Dangers of ‘Recuperation.’ Or, Whatever Happened to the Critical Promise of Tschumi’s Advertisements for Architecture?,” Third Nethca Colloquium: Critical Tools, Brussels, Belgium, April 2003.
  7. “Kinofikatsiya: the Soviet Virtual Cities,” New Cities New Media conference, USC School of Architecture and the USC School of Cinema /TV, published in the conference proceedings, January 2003.
  8. “The Specter of the Medium. Notes on Television, Environments and Interiors in the Sixties,” Postwar Operations, a Critical Studies Graduate conference, UCLA School of Architecture, May 2002.
  9. “Critical Appropriations: Situationists’ Gay Science of Urbanism,” SpaceTactics Graduate symposium, Department of the History of Art, Yale University, February 2001.
  10. “Closely Watched Films: Transformations of Eastern European Urbanism,” Conference on East-European Art and Architecture in the Twentieth Century, organized by the History, Theory and Criticism Section, MIT School of Architecture and Planning, October 2001.
Invited Conference Papers
  1. “Skolka’s Parallel Aesthetic Realm: Another way to think about Second World’s referencing of the First,” Modernism in Late Socialist Art and Architecture, The Graduate Center / CUNY, April 2013.
  2. “Pop Ups Work Hard,” Urban Transformation of Sava Mala, Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2012.
  3. “Playing Out: Operative Definitions of Postmodernism in Czechoslovakia,” Late Socialism and Postmodernism roundtable, MIT, April 2012.
  4. “On Limits” for the panel: “From Home to Housing,” in What is Foreclosed? symposium at the Buell Center for American Architecture, Columbia University, February 2012.
  5. “Disciplinary Promiscuity (via MOS’s Afterparty)” on the panel “Operative History,” The Future of History conference at the University of Michigan, April 2011.
  6. “Archival Probes,” HTC Forum’s Round Table event Publishing Archives, MIT, April 2011.
  7. “Architecture by All for All,” paper for Radcliffe seminar: Architectural Histories of Organization, January 2010.
  8. “Lifestyle. Definitions from the Postwar Czech Architectural discourse,” Words in Post War Architectural Discourse conference, ETH, Zurich, June 2009.
  9. “Optimum Aesthetic,” Cambridge Talks 1: Emerging Voices conference at Harvard University, GSD, April 2009.
  10. “Adaptations. Architectural Project in the Era of Postproduction,” Matters of Opinion conference, Ohio State University Knowlton School of Architecture, April 2009.
  11. “Practicing Utopia. On Oskar Hansen’s Contemporary Relevance,” Team 10 Today symposium, Yale University School of Architecture, September 2006.
  12. “Flickers and Flares: On housing and protests in 1990s Belgrade,” Core Housing Studio Symposium, GSAPP, Columbia University, October 2001.
Invited Lectures
  1. “True Stories: On Architectural Storytelling,” Arguments Lecture Series, GSAPP Columbia University, August 2013.
  2. “Archives (of) Going Public,” Public Knowledge seminar at the Center for Cultural Analysis, Rutgers University, November 2011.
  3. “Relational Projects,” Schi Schen Univeristy, Taipei, Taiwan, January 2010.
  4. “Protest Archive,” MIT Visual Arts program’s City as Stage, City as Process lecture series, November 2009.
  5. “The Cool Look of Reasonable Consumption,” MIT HTC forum Producing Geopolitics, September 2009.
  6. “Politics and Architecture,” Yale University School of Architecture, April 2009.
  7. “Project_is as Project_ does,” Dialogues summer lecture series at GSAPP Columbia University, July 2008.
  8. “The shape of the contemporary American Architectural Discourse,” History and Theory of Architecture Program at the Belgrade University, Serbia, June 2008.
  9. “Project_hearts Architecture,” The Architectural League of New York, May 2008.
  10. “Program, Paradigm, Performance,” Harvard University, GSD, April 2008.
  11. “To Fabricate a Project: on the work of Alison and Peter Smithson,” Housing Studio Symposium at GSAPP, Columbia University, October 2005.
  12. “Flares and Flickers,” the Architecture and the Urban Studies departments, Columbia and Barnard Colleges, 2003.
  13. “Situationists’ Gay Science of Urbanism,” Dialogue series of the Masters Program at the Dessau Institute for Architecture, Germany, June 2001.
Refereed Conference Session Chaired
  1. “Pop Ups Work Hard,” Urban Transformation of Sava Mala, Mikser Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, May 2012.
Non-Refereed Conferences Organized
  1. Under the Influence Symposium, MIT, February 2013.
  2. Late Socialism and Postmodernism, MIT, April 2012.
  3. Departmental and Design Discipline Lecture Series, MIT, Summer/Fall 2011.
Invited Moderation of Symposia and Lectures
  1. Magazines and Their Role in Architecture and Artistic Research Practice, ACT symposium for MIT 150 celebration, April 2011.
  2. Publishing Archives, HTC Forum’s Round Table, MIT, April 2011.
  3. Respondent for Juliet Koss’s Monumental Snapshots of A Soviet Future, HTC Forum, MIT, November 2010.
  4. Respondent for Architecture and the State, 1940s to 1970s, GSAPP Columbia University, April 2010.
  5. Hosting and Moderation, Fumihiko Maki Conference, MIT, March 2010.
  6. Respondent for Research in Progress 2010: In the Distance, organized by HTC at MIT, February, 2010.
  7. Introduction and Moderation for Post Ductility conference at GSAPP Columbia University, October 2009.
  8. Introduction and Moderation of the panel Housing: The Masses and a Post-ethical City, Housing Conference, GSAPP, Columbia University, Fall 2005.
  9. Introduction and Moderation of the “Geometry” panel for the Loopholes: Within Discourse and Practice conference, GSD, Harvard University, Spring 2005.