Late Socialism and Postmodernism

Ana has organized a symposium set to convene on March 31 & April 1, 2012 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fredric Jameson’s definition of postmodernism, now exactly thirty years old, inextricably linked the modalities of late capitalism with a set of cultural and aesthetic practices. Across a series of essays he described, or arguably forecast, a relationship between culture and capitalism that fully enmeshed the two to the point of complete coincidence. At the time of the publication of those texts, “late capitalism” may have seemed as a historically meaningful designation, as it held onto a theoretical possibility of an end to capitalism even within an actively totalizing description of its logic. Still, the conceptualization of “late” or “advanced” capitalism as an economic and cultural totality has historically exacerbated the Second World’s de facto exclusion from those now canonical periodizations of postwar aesthetic production…

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