Monthly Archives: May 2012

Mikser Festival

Ana will be presenting “Pop Ups Work Hard” at the Mikser Festival in Belgrade, Serbia on May 31st as part of the Urban Transformation of Sava Mala symposium.

The 2010 MIT Taipei workshop was an occasion to explore urban transformations in Taipei’s Dazhi district, that multidisciplinary teams of designers – including architects, as well as fashion, industrial and graphic designers – were uniquely capable of imagining. The workshop focused on artifacts and activities that were created through individual agency yet gave rise to complex collective patterns. In two weeks of work we produced prototypes of urban interventions in the Dazhi district in three broad categories: transaction (concentrating on acts of exchange), transportation (dealing with transportation both in the abstract sense and in the concrete, with the new and projected metro infrastructures), and transformation (concentrating on the form of things).

Learn more at the Event Site.