Ana Miljački, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she teaches theory and design. She has previously taught at Columbia University, City College in New York and Harvard University Graduate School of Design. She holds a PhD (2007) in history and theory of architecture from Harvard University, an MArch from Rice University and a BA from Bennington College. Her research interests range from the role of architecture and architects in the Cold War era Eastern Europe, through the theories of postmodernism in late socialism to politics of contemporary architectural production. Her recent publications include essays for Making Things Public, Handbook of Architectural Theory, Log, Perspecta, Centropa and Praxis. She curated and designed the “Classes, Masses, Crowds” installation for Making Things Public at ZKM in 2005, and with Lee Moreau: the Architects of Our Happiness exhibit at Michigan University in 2006, 13:100, New York Architects design for Ordos for the Architectural League in New York in 2008, and “The architect’s dilemma” for YouPrison exhibition at Fondacione Sandretto Re Rebaundengo in 2008. She won the ACSA/JAE “Best in Design as Scholarship Article” award in 2012. She is currently working on three projects: a book about architects’ legitimating narratives in the postwar Czech architectural discourse, a project on citation, adaptation and mashup of architectural ideas in contemporary architecture, and on a critical assessment of the intersection of late socialism with postmodernism in architecture of E. Europe.

  1. 2007 Harvard University, Ph.D.
    Graduate School of Design, History and Theory of Architecture
    Dissertation: The Optimum Aesthetic: Environment, Lifestyle and Utopia in Postwar Czech Architectural Discourse
    K. Michael Hays (Chair), Sarah Whiting, Eve Blau
  2. 1999 Rice University, M.Arch.
    Graduate School of Architecture
    Master’s thesis: Incorporaiding City; Drawing the Belgrade protest 96/97
    Sanford Kwinter (chair), Richard Wolin, Lars Lerup (Dean), John Casbarian
  3. 1995 Bennington College, B.A.
    Thematic Major in Architecture: Understanding and Representing Space
  1. 2013 Design Biennale Boston winner
  2. 2012 Audi Urban Futures Award (curator for Howeler + Yoon Architects team)
  3. 2012 HASS Award for Under the Influence edited book
  4. 2012 ACSA Award for the Best in Design as Research in JAE
  5. 2009-2012 Green Career development Chair, MIT
  6. 2009 HASS Award for The Optimum Aesthetic project, MIT
  7. 2008 The Architectural League of New York: Young Architects Award
  8. 2004-2005 Graham Foundation Grant for a documentary exhibition entitled The Architects of Our Happiness, with Lee Moreau, Luke Bulman and Kimberly Shoemake
  9. 2003-2004 Krupp Dissertation Research Fellowship, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University
  10. 2002-2003 Harvard Foreign Language Area Studies Fellowship
  11. 2002 Research at the Canadian Center for Architecture
  12. 2001 Davis Center Travel Grant for 2001-2002
  13. 2001 Participated in the Research on the History of Communism directed by Rem Koolhaas
  14. 1999 Nikolitch Foundation merit grant for Serbian students studying abroad
  15. 1999 William D. Darden Medal for Outstanding Master’s Thesis Project
  16. 1998 Margaret Everson Fossi Traveling Fellowship, Double Finalist
  17. 1998 Morris R. Pitman Traveling Fellowship
  18. 1996 Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Traveling Scholarship
  19. 1995 Hoffberger-Rosenberg Scholarship
Competition Juror
  1. 2012 – 2017 Rotch Travelling Scholarship Committee
  2. 2011 City architect of Belgrade invited jury for the Beton Hala Competition
  3. 2010 BSA Interior Design Awards Jury
  4. 2009 Jury of the competition for Young Architects 11: Foresight, The Architectural League of New York
  5. 2009 Thesis Awards Jury, Syracuse University School of Architecture.
  6. 2009 Rotch Traveling Studio Award Jury, BSA
  7. 2008 New York Foundation for the Arts: Architecture Awards Jury
  8. 2007 Thesis Award Jury, Ohio State Knowlton School of Architecture
Academic Employment
  1. 2008 – Present MIT, SA+P
    Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: required MArch seminar: “Preparation for MArch Thesis”, required MArch seminar: “Precedents in Critical Practice”, advanced architecture seminar: “Adaptations: The Architectural Project in the Age of Postporoduction,” advanced HTC seminar: “Experiments in the Service of Ideology: Cold War Episteme,” Core Design 2 and 3 studios, coordination of Core 2 studios, and option studio: “Ferry Slip Mashup.”
  2. 2006 – 2007 GSAPP, Columbia University
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: “Cultivating Critical Practice” seminar and Third and Fourth Semester Option Studios (“This is Tomorrow” and “Choice by Design” respectively).
  3. 2006 Columbia and Barnard Colleges
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: Architecture Studio 2 and Special Topics in Architecture Seminar
  4. 2005 GSAPP, Columbia University
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: Core Housing Studio
  5. 2005 SSA, City College New York
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: “Introduction to Critical Practice, or keep your ear to the ground,” required seminar for the MArch program
  6. 2005 GSD, Harvard University, Career Discovery Program
    Principal Instructor in Architecture
    Interviewed, hired and directed 20 instructors for the summer program in architecture.
  7. 2005 GSD, Harvard University
    Instructor in Architecture
    Courses taught: Third Semester (Housing) Core Studio
  8. 2004 GSAPP, Columbia University
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of Architecture
    Courses taught: Core Housing Studio
  9. 2001 Dessau Institute of Architecture
    Visiting Instructor
    A week long workshop on “RE:Vitalizing the City”
  10. 2000-2003 GSD, Harvard University
    Teaching Fellow (Head Fellow 2002-2003)
    Courses taught: “Architecture Theory since 1968,” “Buildings Texts Contexts,” “Constructing Vision,” “History of the American City.”
External Referee
  1. 2012 JAE, ACSA Blind Peer review
  2. 2010 ACSA Peer review for the 2010 Meeting at UIC: Flip Your Field
  3. 2009 Peer review for Positions Journal

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